Friday, January 11, 2008

Total Bliss

I'm totally superly uberly freaking happy. Nothing can describe how happy I am. But I think I'll be even more happier if I get some other news. Lolx. I guess this blog skin is not needed de? shows my emoness? Doesn't it? Lolx. Hmmm. I guess I shall change it tomorrow? Or when I have the time. Or maybe not. Bah.

Need to buy more clothes. Damn bored with my entire wardrobe now. And most of the online boutiques are like selling almost the same old thing. Boring. But only one or two of it are nice. Want money to shop. Too lazy to go shopping in malls. Went to Mid Valley today with Zhang to meet up with some of his friends cause he needed to pass adapter to one of em. Then shop for him. He needed to buy jeans and shoes. Omg. I do not like to shop anymore, in the mall!
I'm totally serious. Unless I really need something. I'll just go there quickly look and get out of there. I feel like the mall sucks your freaking energy or some shitz. I think I now understand why guys do not like to follow their gf's to shop? Well. I memang damn don't like to go shopping de. Ever since long ago. Just never expressed it before. So ya.

Don't call me go shopping nemore! My freaking energy is drained by those evil buildings.

Freaking mother still haven't let me know if gonna celebrate my birthday or not. Ish. Geram sia. You know what. I'm not gonna plan anything la. Freaking fed up de. We just go for dinner or something. I'm too fed up to bother anymore.

Think happy thoughts. Yes. Ok. Back to my blissful state~


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