Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I'm in sooooo much pain. Wah!!!! Stupid stupid pills not working! I think I need to get stronger stuff. Too lazy. I think I need to go rest. But I can't move de. Hehe.

My bro, is out again. He won't be back till Wed. I forgotten to go to work last Saturday. My boss couldn't get through me cause I so happen just got back my number last Friday. And I totally forgot to let her know. So, I guess, she tried to call and sms the other number which I wasn't using. *Pain* *Cry*

Waiting for my mum to cook one of me fav food. MASH POTATOES!!!! And she's making paprika chicken too! Yum!

Back to Gaia.

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  1. Lol ur posts damn chun la. EXACTLY like u talking, so easy to imagine hahahaha.. Mashed potatoes not hard to cook.... juz leceh ony. I think by the time u read this not pain edy haha. Take care! ^.^