Sunday, April 29, 2007

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I got this post from an online dating website where they have blogs. I'm not the one on this site! It's my mum and auntie'ss. Ya. Hehe. My auntie was reading this and then she asked me to read it. So ya. I always experience this and It pisses me off cause I want to sleep!!!!! So, damn tired and must disturb me all. So ya. When I had it the first time I was scared. But then it went on, not that scared anymore. She's into paranormal stuff. Read her other posts. And someone commented on the post saying she experienced someone hugging her tightly or something like that. And then the blogger, she said it's actually a spirit. A possessive spirit and it goes on. Damn freaky! Anyway, to give credits to this post, her nickname is Timeless Soul. Read on!


Have you ever been woken up and feel like there is a heavy weight on you? The more that you struggle the harder it seems to get rid of whatever is on top of you. You have trouble breathing because you feel like your air is being sucked right out of you and the heavy weight on your chest is too much.

It isn't your air but your life's essence.....the magic elixir that keeps your soul and body alive. The ghost that does this appears usually as a clown or jesture. It preys mostly on children and people who are worn out physcially and cannot fight. It is a mean entity and pins you down on the bed with this heavy weight. I am not sure what force it uses but it can be thwarted.

You must remeber to keep your eyes closed because it feeds on your fear. Secondly keep moving your head back and forth so it can't fixate on your mouth.....this also cause it to lose its hold on you. Keep praying and ask your guardian angel to help banish it. Try to sit up and keep eyes shut till you can turn a light on. It is a good idea to have a super bright flashlight. Don't stop praying till you feel peacefulness in your room. Keep away from mirrors till daylight. It sometimes hides in them. Sorry.

If you can successfully banish one from your room then they don't come back. Make sure in your nightly prayers to ask for your soul and being to be protected. You know the child's bedtime I lay me down to sleep...I pray to God my soul to keep...if I die before I wake ....I pray to God my soul to take. Amen. This way your guardian angel should be standing guard over you. Also ask for its help to keep you and your family safe at night. Don't forget to give thanks in the morning light.

Everyone will experience the jesture's kiss and many will successfully be able to banish it with prayer and faith. One often wonders about crib deaths and if the jesture's kiss was really the cause. Believe it or not.....they do exist. Please do take care and be safe.

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