Thursday, April 12, 2007


Omg~! I damn bored. I really want to study. But when I think about it. So no use to study. Basically, I'm screwed. So, fuck this sem. Next sem i'm gonna get A's? Lolx. Yea, maybe I should, then show it to my dad. Then maybe I can squeeze some money from him for my trip to aussie. Whaha! Ya. But first, I gotta like look out for the postman next month for my this sem results. Or I'm SO DEAD!

So, should I study or not? I guess I should, but all that manga are calling me!! No! I will not give in! Yes!

Let's see, what shall I blog? How about what happened? Like when we got freaking robbed! MY PHONE!! My lovely pictures! My messages!! And my videos!!! Videos of Raymond dancing, screaming in Genting *Superman *Ultraman *Spiderman and *Titanic (Why titanic? Don't ask). Of Chris shaking his ass. Of Zhang doing the lamest things. And also all the voice recordings of Fuzzy getting prank calls from us. *sigh* All those memorable moments. GONE! Blardy assholes. If you guys steal from me again. This time. You're so DEAD! *evil laugh* and this time I WILL take the chair and throw at you mothafuckers! Laugh at you when you fall of from your bikes. Take more chairs and throw at you. Or, I'll run to my car and ram you guys down. Or..hmm.. what else can I do?

*Argh* I actually did grab one of those assholes. He was pulling at Jac. I thought he was pulling her necklace or something. I grabbed his shirt and was like pushing him away from Jac. Why didn't I just got up and took my chair and throw at his dumbass face. I let go off him cause I saw a stick. Then i got up. I wanted to take the chair. Or run to my car to chase down those mothafuckas. But then I was thinking. If fight back. There's like 6 of em. And like, Ya. If I went in my car. What if like..a lot of things will happen? So fucking confused at that time. Didn't know which to do. *Sigh* The best I could do at that time was to just look at the freaking number plates.

Well, can't do anything now. Feeling sleepy de. I guess I shall go to bed then. or another yum cha session? Ya.

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