Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bad Luck

Ok..I came to a conclusion. When something bad happens..few days later. I'll get something bad again. It's like, I must have it like twice in a week!
OMg! I think I need to go read some feng shui stuff and see what I'm doing wrong. Or maybe drown myself in some Holy Water? LOlx..ya, that'll work.
You see. Beginning of this year. "Someone" had an accident with MY car. Ya, it was not so bad. But was just afraid to let my dad know about it. So ya. Anyway, after I got back my car, like few days later, I got into a accident. *sigh* I've got such great luck! So damn fucking lucky!

OK. As you all know. I got robbed! Few days back. Well, just yesterday, my oh-so-lovely-lil-sister-who-I-love-oh-so-much, Kimmy, made my door hang for it's dear life. Couldn't even close it. I just love her so much for doing that. Lolx. Ya well, the car who nicely bang into my door was a bmw. That ass also, he damn farking sohai smart, he bang de. He accelerated even more, made his side mirror totally gone from his car, well, it was hanging there la. He accelerated even more and then later he freaking horn his damn car. I have no freaking idea why. A bit the late for that right? I mean, you hit someone de, and then like for a total of like 1 minute only you horn. mcb. How smart can you get.
Anyway, I called my dad to come. While waiting for my dad, that fucker he came to me and was like. He wanted to settle it and stuff cause he had to go. I just look at him. Oh. So? You wanna go you go la. I have to wait for my parents to come. He just look at me. I was like. Wtv la. Don't freaking waste my time. I was looking at my poor door. Thinking how to push it back. Calling people. *Sigh* Anyway, my dad came. Didn't want to pay him. So, he say he'll report police. I was like. Go fucking report la. Like I so damn fuckin scared.

Well. Next day. I didn't even had like enough sleep. I slept at like 6am. My dad woke me up at 11am. So damn early. Ask me to like take my car to the workshop to fix. I was like. ok. Since it's for a good cause. I'll get up. So, to try ta like make my sad sob story short. I got freaking scolded the whole day with him. Freaking lectured. Even when we went ta make the police report. I was typing it out. Like I make one mistake. He scolded me. *stress* But in all, my dad I guess he felt guilty and stuff. He was like let's go get your sim card back and like he was "trying" to talk nicely to me and stuff which is so not him. Parents can be really funny. *My mum is right behind me while I'm typing this out, hopefully she won't look this way*

The good thing that came out from all of this is that my bumper from my last accident. I won't have to pay for it. Thank God!

Well, Ya, I came to a conclusion that when one bad thing happen to me.. I'll have to expect another one the next few days. In the same exact week! *Sigh* I need to look for a feng shui master. Someone?

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