Tuesday, October 3, 2006

WHy keep things in?

Why do people like to keep things to themselves? It's so not good for you! Imagine you stuff all your things into the cupboard, because you don't want to sort it all out, just pushing everything behind not acknowledging it. Because it would be such a mess to sort. Then one day, it'll burst. Why? Because you just stuffed everything in and not sorting it out and let it pile on each other.

So..it's the same thing. If you slowly let everything out, sort it all out, then..you won't be a mess and you won't breakdown. What's the point of bottling it all up? You'll just hurt yourself and one day burst!!

But then, I realise why some people just bottle everything up. Because..hmm..I'll tell next time..
Too lazy to write it out..Haha..BBz

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