Sunday, October 8, 2006


At last!! I got to go clubbing!!! WooHoo!! Hehe! Went to Ruums..and so happen it's Adrian's ya! AHahaha..and i open one had 2 bottle's..whahahha..but I didnt drink much least we had fun. I got there late cause had to finish my work..suppose to leave at 9pm from my house. But i left work around sad..and i had to have dinner at home..and i had to rush like damn fast to get ready. So sad..hehe..

Well, everyone was pissed cause i was late, and they were playing r&b and stuff..and i was so late! Wah! Reach around least i came wert! are the pics!! Enjoy! Lolx..I did.

Me and jac..ruined the pic by being there! Lolx

*Sigh* Don't we look good in this pic..Lolx

Me n Ryan..Oh Gosh! Stupid Ryan look so blur.

Why is there a white spot on Daniyal's head???? OH! And Chris C. in a jacket..whahahaha

Judah..You konked de? A bit the fast right? Lolx

Me n Chris H. And again stupid jac must be in the pic! Can you stop it Jac!!!

What are you guys looking at?

Awww..Look at the lurvely couple here..*Sigh* don't have to open your eyes so the big right? Hehe

oooh..the drinks!

Daniyal getting ready to get drunk.

That was one big gulp!

Blardy poser Jac!

Judah Hamsap!


Oh look! It's this two!

So cute! esp. one.. *^.^*

stupid Jac as usual..dont know how to take pic

ONe nice one..but then stupid finger blocking flash..haha

Oh Fai! Damn red loh you! I'm not even red yet!!'s Chris C. and me

And Mei

Very nice! Lolx..stupid Mei..out of nowhere kacau only

It's them again!

So close!

Chris..why you poking Adrian all! And where the heck your hand is Daniyal?

They dancing! So adolable!

Poser Chris =.='

Jac so the happy! I so happy too! o.O

Look at this 2 posers. *Sigh*

*Phew* Adrian's hands are at the right place. Are they??

Mei took a pic of the Dj

So cute! *bluek*

Such a poser

Stupid Chris! Trying to be like Jac is it????

Ryan so the sweaty! Aish! Stupid hair of mine!

Are you guys making out? It looks like it..o.O

OMg! My hair..hahahaha..damn ugly loh! Lolx It turns out that Chris was actually putting an ice cube in Fai's shirt

I know Daniyal..You want to be Dr. Evil..but not when you're behind Jac!

See! I told you! Look at those 2 now!

Still not enough ah Daniyal?

Seriously loh!

Look at the happy couple! *Sniff* *Sniff* I feel so happy too!

Seriously Ryan..go wipe your sweat! Lolx

Now I know why!

First you want to be Dr. Evil and now you want to be a groovy dancer??


Never had this much fun after so long!!! Love you guys for coming too!! I's for Adrian too..but..yea! LOve you all so muchie!!!!!!!!! *Sob* [~*muaks*~]

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