Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today so freaking hot. I was sweating. Ugh. And the bloody uni don't know how to on air con or something. So bloody hot. Should have worn shorts and tank top. Argh. Hot hot hot!! And I don't know why I brought my jacket for. Stupid. Waste time. Made me felt even hotter.

Was walking to Uni to meet up with my group members and to hand in the assignment. When I just reached town. There was this group of um..teens..probably, I don't know...18 or something. Whatever. I was just walking pass by them when suddenly, one of the guy punch the other guy in the face. And the guy who got punched was staggering towards me. Mch. Almost hit me.

Everyone was looking. I just avoided the guy and just walked on without even bothering or looking back. Hahahaha. I think the people who were watching are like, wth. Hahahha. That chinese girl almost got hit by them and she's just walking on as if nothing happened.

Cause there were girls screaming asking the guy to stop. ANd the went on hitting each other. Bloody stupid people. -.-

As I walked on. In front of Farmfood. Another fight was about to start. I think these bunch were younger. -.-

I think its casue of the heat. Bugger ah.

Anyway. Got to Uni. There were already doing it. And we had like an hour to print it, write the changes, burn a cd, bind it and RUN TO THE FREAKING PLACE TO HAND IN OUR ASSIGNMENTS!!!

So ya. Guess what. We got there 30 seconds before they close the office!!!!


Thank God we got there on time. And the guy even helped us by writing the module code for us. Cause we forgot it. Thank God. *He's cute too!*

I'm bored. So damn bored. Sigh~

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