Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Joined a gym! weeeeee!

We were at the gym almost the whole day. The people are like thinking. These two chinese girls are mad. Lolx. We went in the afternoon. Swim and got in the jacuzzi as well as the steam room. Aaaaaah! Nice!!!

After we showered. Came home to throw our bags and off to shop me a pair of shoes. I can't wear my superstars to the gym ride! Went to Westfield. Got the bus. Save money. Lolx. Got myself a bikini top. £10 from Pull and Bear. Too bad I can't get the bottom. Just borrow from Chelle. >.<

Went to sports direct to get my shoes. There were ton of shoes. I kept looking at other shoes. Lolx. Then Chelle keep scolding me. Hahahhaha. I can't help it. It's so freaking cheap ok!!! £20 something for a pair of superstar k!!!! Then well. I found my shoes. Adidas Pink ones! Weeee. It was only £16!! So yay! I've got new shoes.

Went to have some ice cream! And then got home by the tube. It was so damn packed. Cause a lot of the lines were not working. So ya. Then changed and went to the gym again. Went for yoga. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I DONT LIKE YOGA!!!! Me and Chelle were suffering like anything while the oldies were like doing it without difficulties. -.-

After the dreadful yoga. We went swimming again! Weee!

Ugh. Super tiring la. Came home. I ate like crazy. Hahahahha. Had fried rice. Kangkung. And mozeralla sticks. Had some chips. I wanted to eat Maggie Mee. But Chelle ran out of Maggie Mee. Thanks to me. >.<

Sorry la. I hungry la ok. Sob* Need to stock up.

Chelle got a call from her mum at night. Asked us to go jogging in the morning. She said ok if we can wake up. You know what time we had to be at the park. 7.30am!!!!!

Me no wake up so early ok!!!!!! Waaaaaaa. So. For the first time ever. After so long. I slept early. Lolx. Oh! And don't know why. Chelle's flat. There were no lights. Only the kitchen. And the lamp. -.-

Luckily we showered in the gym already. So ya. But. I had to shit in the dark. With the door open. sob*

Well. Anyway. Woke up next morning. -.- We were waiting for her mum to call. Cause normally her mum will be the one calling her to wake up and stuff. So she called her mum at 7.25. She was still sleeping. Hahahahhahahhaha. But anyway. We did jog in the end. Walked to her mum's place. Not that far but not near either. It was like 2 - 3 tube stops away. So ya. NIce morning walk. But I was starting to get hungry.

She la. Say after jogging. We go eat nasi lemak. -.- And I was thinking of nasi lemak the whole way. Damnit. Now I still feel like having nasi lemak. -.-

We jogged like one round. Then ok! Makan time. Hahahahhahaha. Then we were looking around for restaurants and her mum said we were jogging for restaurants. Hahaha. Cause since the Malaysian Restaurant tak bukak. So ya. -.-

Now we're home, waiting for the time to pass. Cause Annette coming. She'll be here at 2 something. I feel like sleeping.

Oh oh. After we finish makan. We didn't bring any money. So her mum gave us £2 each for bus. So ok. We went to look for the bus stop. Bugger!!!!! They don't have the ticket box there for us to buy tickets!!!! Cause you're supposed to get your tickets before you get on the bus. If you don't have an oyster card. Buggero ah! So. We had to walk. -.-

Damn tired de la. But then. We cheered up. Cause we decided to go primark to shop with our £4. Lolx. Guess what we bought. Chelle got flip flops for gym. That was £0.98. Then we looked around for more stuff. We got hairbands for £0.98. There were 4 different colours. Pink, white, green and brown. Bling bling! So one for each of us plus Annette. Then we walked around more since we get to spend at least £2. Then we found a Pop-up Bin for laundry. It was £1.96! So.Nice la! We chose a polka dots one. To match the flat. Since her place is like blue and red. The polka dots were blue, red and yellow. And the whole bin was white. Perfect!

Hahahahhaa. So we had £0.08 change. I asked if there's anything we can get for 8p. Hahahhahaha. Well. We got home. And now. Waiting for Annette. Sigh. Another 3 hours more lo. I think I shall shower and sleep. Yes! Hahaha.

We're going for pilates at 7pm later. Woohoo! And more swimming!!!! We got guest passes for Annette. Hehehe!

See ya!

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