Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Remember how in school we do a little acting here and there. For some kind of performance. Like children's day and such. Or maybe something small in class. Well. I remembered one in primary school. When I was 10. That was in standard 4. Our Moral teacher assigned us to do some small play acting for one of the moral values that we were learning at that time. So we had play it out.

I forgot what was the moral value that we were doing. Hehehe. But all I remembered was that I was the one who created the play or something. I think. But oh well. We didn't plan it all that well. I just said. Ok. You, you and you. Can be the 'naughty' students. You are their teacher. And I'm the principal. Lolx.

I know my group was more than it should be. But. What the heck.

Anyway. I think the story went like this. The teacher, was like teaching in class. But the students weren't listening. Playing around. Throwing rubbish at the teacher. The usual stuff. Or something like that. Then I, the principal, lolx, was walking along the classes like inspecting or something then I came into the class. Scolding the students. Hahahahahahaha.

You know last in school. There's this big huge ruler to draw on the board. I took that ruler. And banged it on the table. In front of the students. Hahahahahaha. And I didn't know my own strength. It was a bit too loud. And they SERIOUSLY got scared. Hahahahahahahaha. I was trying not to laugh. ANd my friends too. Then I started scolding them. Asking them to pick up the rubbish. Said sorry to the teacher. ANd you know what. I used the ruler to give them punishment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I whacked their hands.

Well. My performance as the principal was surprisingly good. Cause I really scared them with the bang and my scolding. *imitating my mummy. HAHAHAHA* They were actually really scared. Later on, they told me that they didn't know I was gonna hit the table so hard. I think the ruler split open a lil abit. *oopsie* Hahahahha. And that when I whacked them, it was painful. I was like. Shit. I'm so so so so so so sorry. I didn't know my own strength. Hahahahha.

But guess what. Our group won!!! I was the best actress. Hahahahhahaha. We won chocolates. Or something. So all of us shared. I think I still remember who was in the play. I think, Emylee was in there and also Luanne. Ya. I think so. Hahhahahhaha. Damn man. Super funny la.

Oh well. Just wanted to share it with you guys. >.<

I might blog another one tomorrow or something. Tee-hee.

Will be going to London tomorrow. My bag is super heavy. ANd I'm too lazy to take out some of my clothes. That's just um..3/4 of my wardrobe. I DON'T HAVE MUCH! I don't know how am I gonna lug it around London. Damn. Oh well. Just have to go through with it. Ish Ish!

Ok. Off to bed now. Gotta be at the train station by Ten, says 'mummy' Mei Ting. Hahahahha.

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