Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I know I'm supposed to continue my Euro trip blog. But I'm too lazy. and I feel like it was too long ago to remember too. So ya. Hehe. Well anyway. I'm about to finish uploading my Paris pictures. Including the ones in Disneyland. It's quite mixed up. A lil. But ya.

And there's like something wrong with the stupid uploader thing. It pisses me off. Ish ish.

There's nothing much to do for the next few days. Just need to pack some of my stuff to bring over to Chelle's place. Will be staying with her over the summer and look for summer jobs. Argh. SO bloody lazy. But I have to. I WANT EXTRA MONEY! LV!!! Hahahaha.

Then wait for graduation to come. It'll be on Mei's Birthday!!! Weeee! Hahaha. ANd guess what. My results will be out the week before grad. -.-
So now I don't know if I'm gonna grad yet or not. Sigh*

Oh. I've been not liking this bitch for the past..well..ever since I know her. Seriously. Me and my friends used to back stab and being two face in front of each other. I thought we were bad enough. But this bitch. Ugh. She seriously disgust me. And I really think she doesn't have close friends. And doesn't understand the meaning of it. Ugh. Can't stand her. Can't believe the things she has done. Just ask me. I'll tell you all about it. I'm afraid she reads my blog. So. Ya. >.< I've already blocked her. And I sooo feel like deleting her off my facebook. But oh well. I will. Next time. Lalalalala~ So do not want to have her as a friend. Wait. I don't even consider her as a friend in the first place. Fcked up bitch.

Ok. Ok. No negative energy. Lalalalallaa.

I'm happy! Hahaha.

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