Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hu hu

My media class is super scary. *sob*
We are going to be randomly group up with people in groups of 5? And then we are gonna do a Public Relations thingy for a company. Its gonna be real and everything. We have to deliver our pitch and presentation to a PR agency plus the client we are gonna do on.

It's so scary!!!! I have to bloody present in front of them. And when they ask questions and stuff. It's gonna be tough tough. Waaaaaah. Why did I choose this again. Bah!!!

Oh well. Now I wanna see who I will be grouped with. Oh Oh. We were the only Chinese there! See! Even scarier! Hahahha. Oh well. ANd it was a 3 hour lecture. You know how tiring is that. Waaaaaaa.

But it was kinda fun in a way. But I'm stll scared with the presentation and stuff. I hate presentation! But still gotta do it. Oh well.
Tomorrow's clase is Integrated Marcom. Marketing Communication. So ya. With the poker lecturer. Aih aih.


Alcohol killed my ulcer! I was so happy that I ate Maggie Curry!!! Yumx!!!!

K. Sleep.

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