Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yee Hui~

Sorry for the late late post. At least I did one right? Lolx. Let's see. I always start it with like when and how I knew you and how long. Ok. I forgot. Hahahahhaha.
Eh serious wei. I don't remember when I actually knew you. Ok. I think it was at least when we were 19? or was it 18? Ok. I think 19. Ya. End of the year. Somewhere there.
Ya ya. Ok. Now I remember. I think. Hahahha.

Oh well. I actually know you when in high school. Cause when Leo or Interact functions thingy. You will come with the red uniform which we all say was ugly. Hahahaha. It's true. I only knew you that time but didn't know your name. And I thought you were quite stuck up. Sorry la. I knew you thought I was a bitch right?? Lolx. But thats the truth.

But after I got to know you throught Mei. Which I still think it's funny how you approached Mei. hahahahhahahahha. I soooo want to blog it here. But I will not. But it was still funny la!!! Lolx. Anyone wanna know. Just message me or something. Then I'll tell ya. Hahahaha. Or you can ask her yourself.

ANd somehow I got close to you and stuff. We got closer and stuff. And I'll always drive to go fetch you and Mei to yumcha and stuff. Or maybe just you and me.
*mummy, pretend you didn't read this ok, it was not meant for you!!! it's invisble to don't see it. or you read it but you now forgot about was nothing to yoooou*
And all those lunch times where I'll drag you to follow me makan. No matter what. I feel so evil. Lolx. And when you're free after college or in between college. Me will go have lunch with you at Asia Cafe. Awesomeness la.

There's more I would like to write. But I guess the birthday card I did say some other stuff too. Right? I don't know. I'm so damn forgetful. So um ya. Hahaha.

Pictures~~ Weee~

oh oh! Ramlee burger!
Where we ate outside Mei's house.

And our lunch time~~
This is the beef ball noodle place oh.
Omg. I wants to eat that!!
And you won't be there de.
You'll be off to Aussie when I get back.

And ze raves~
People ask you to blow.
You lick.
And omg.
This sounds so wrong in a way.

Another one of the rave~
I realized when I was looking for pictures
There's always you, me and mei.

There's a lot you know!
And loads of clubbing pictures.

And rare ones where you drink.
And totally can't drink.
Always falling asleep in clubs!

Taking stupid pictures with me~
I like all the pictures of you and me at that album.

Especially this one! Hahaha.
People posing nicely.
Looking hawt and stuff.
You go spoil the picture. Aih!
You ah~
Oh ya. Plus a number of pictures with Julia too.

And with Liz too.
I know both of you love me oh so much.
I just love this picture la.
I feel so loved~

See. You just can't get enough of meh.

And also there were pictures of you and me
where I'm wearing black and you white.
We ish opposites?

My friend to lean on.

Oh well. I do love you la k.
Don't cry.
See. Black and White again.
But memang I'm always with Black stuff.

I love you loads!

Happy Birthday
Yee Hui !!!!

I <3 You ~

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