Saturday, February 21, 2009

More presents! o.O

My latest pressies!!! Simone's one came like last week. But I was going off to London de. So didn't have time to enjoy it. So now. Here are the pictures! I love you simmie!! Lolx.
Thank you so very much!!!!

The package!

This really cute black sheep. Hmmmmm.
oh. I lazy to rotate the picture. so ya. Lolx

Victoria Secret Bag?
I like it.
Cause I like the shape~~

And a whole lot of lip gloss, body gel and such!
Love it~
Smells nice~~

And now a pressie from Chucky!
Babi sial. You put the pandaness.
Luckily the postman no say anything.

I ter tore the middle part.
Hehe. I was excited la k.

My mouse!!!!!!!
ANd loads of lollies~
Thank You Chucky for me birthday pressie!

Look look! Isn't it cute!!!
My lovely baby.
My new baby!
I have soooo many babies now.

Look! Look! All pink!
Pink tissue box.
Pink Bible!
Pink Marshiemellows.
Pink Hairband.
My laptop featuring my Pink Blog.
My other baby.
My Pink PSP!

Tried to take with my blog too. But can't really see the pinkness of it.

Now I just need a pink laptop, pink phone, pink ipod, pink headset, pink camera and um. Other pink stuff?


I feel so pink.

I feel like my birthday pressies never ends. Weeeeee~

I like pink pink stuff~

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