Tuesday, February 24, 2009

400th post

Stupid ass shit you.
Tllm. <---Raymond's favorite. Haha.

Ok. I'm supposed to be feeling pissed off right now. Ass you!

F* YOU!!!!!


I'm feeling so pissed right now. That I'm I'm I'm. ARGH!!!!
I'm going to bed. Argh!!!!!!

My 400th post of nothingness.

Chelle said we should do something productive. We sat in front of the computer from 4pm to 9pm. Playing Texas Holdem Poker on Facebook. While we chat on Skype. There was like 7 of us on Skype. And 5 of us playing Texas Holdem Poker. I played with babi WeiHua from like 3 gua. And the whole time I was giving him money. Cause one round I won like 30 plus k! ANd he no money wan. So give 1k. 1k. 1k. I don't know how many times I give him 1k de. I think more than 20k also got lo.

So now he has to take me around when I get back. Weeeeeee~ Got driver de! Hahahaha. Nice one la! Lolx. Aih. So nice. I so happy. Hahaha.

Kla. I'm going to bed now. Bugger. I'm so pissed of right now. I can kill. And there's this irritating small fly flyin around me. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

K. To bed. To bed.

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