Saturday, January 31, 2009


Look look! It's me eating ze cake! I'm still waiting for the other pictures too.

It looks real eh. I mean. If only I can actually. Aish!!

Went for dinner. Cause Elaine sorta like on holiday de!! Babiness. Cause she just hand in her assignment de. Plus like our next semester only start on the 9th of feb. I have to hand in my assignment on the 6th. Then I only have like 2 free days. Which is also memang a weekend. What the heck! Idiot.

So. She's free and stuff. She wanna celebrate. While I'm still suffering. -.-
Tried out this restaurant. Called Raj I think. Ah yes.

RAJ Fine Indian Cuisine.

So anyway. Ya. Picchy!

We were taking pictures of each other. Her new Tocco phone.

I really need to get nail polish remover. But I ish sho lazy. Aish.
See. I look so um. Ya. Ok. I Just look like that ok.

This tray thingies keeps the food hot? But I don't see any difference.
I mean. Oh well. Anyway. When it was brought over. The waiter said it was hot.
And we should not touch it. I mean. Ya.
But you know. When someone says that.
You just feel like touching it ya know.
But then we didn't.
But I wanted to.
To see if it was really hot.
>.< This was urm. Vindaloo Mixed Vegetables.
Ok. I should have my flash switched on.
But it was yummy!
It was supposed to be like super hot or something.
I mean spicy.
But it was.
Not so.
Since I could still eat it.

This was the one I ordered.
Elaine ordered the other dish.
It's Korma Chicken.
This was super awesome.
Um. Elaine actually drank the whole sauce.
I wanted to take a picture of the really empty bowl.
But the waiter took it away de.
But anyway.
It was awesome!
>.< This was Badjhi Aubergines.
The aubergines wasn't like um.
I don't how to say it.
But anyway.
It was still delicious!

Then! We had dessert.
Ya I know. One each.
Like wtf.
But oh well.
We won't be tipping anyway.
I mean.
You think I got freaking loads of moneyh ah!

This came with the bill.
I didn't eat the other stuff.
There were After Eight chocs or something.
I obviously ate those.
I mean.
They only gave a piece of not sweet orange each.
So wth.

And you know how much was our food????
But I was full.
And satisfied.
>.< And they gave nice hot towels.
Sho nice and warm.

Elaine asked me to pose like damn "hao".
Like those old Chinese movie thingy.
Where they hide their mouth when they laugh or whatever.
Ok. I don't think they laugh.
More like giggle or something.
Oh whatever.
Anyway. I didn't want to.
Cause I know I is not "hao".
Aih. Today so cold. Have no idea why sho cold. And it seems the weather report says that it'll snow on Monday. But why! Why?!
Luckily I got my nice warm blankie. But still. Aih.

Stress!!!! Not cause it might snow. STUPID DAMN ASSIGNMENTS.
In need of lollipops.


P.S. There's a post below "Diededness". Cause I was blogging. Then the stupid blogger don't want to let me load pictures. But since I can load it now. I just edited the post. And so it's below the post "Diededness"


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