Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Another 1 and a half day or so to my birthday~ Ok. Actually. After 12am then tomorrow ish my birthday de!!! Weeeeee~
Ya. Birthday also no point. I still will be at home. STUDYING! Babiness.

Oh well. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday with my friends de. So. Its all good. Just that I feel like the whole time I was like super blur. All speaking in Mandarin. -.-
Oh well. I got pressies! Lolx.


I can't freaking upload the pictures. There's something wrong with the internet. Or some crap!! WHy is it when my housemate got back from her holiday, the internet freaking slow. Then the toilet drain thingy got stuck. It was just fine this morning. Then now. ITS STUCK. Wtfness!

I purposely took pictures. Argh. Oh well. I will upload it tomorrow or something. Or on my birthday.

Babiness. But still. Thank you!!!!

Oh crap. Wanted to do a lovely post for my two not-so-lovely sisters of mine. Amelyn's birthday was on the 18th and Kelly's one is on the 20th. Ok. Tomorrow I will do it after I'm done my studying. >.<

And thank you Kimmy for sending me my stuff. Really mean a lot to me. >.<
And Yeen too for helping out. >.<

Turning 22 in another day. Damnit. So so so...argh.

Oh ya. Ric. I stick the sign thingy on my cupboard. >.<

Will upload the pictures tomorrow or something when my internet is much faster or something. babiness. And the whole day she damn noisy. Up down up down. I can even hear her phone vibration. Damn.

K. I better go to bed de la. So tired. Night~~

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