Thursday, January 29, 2009


Exam was a killer.
Went in.
Found my seat.
I was number 53.
Put my stuff in a corner.
Sat at my desk.
Wrote name.
Open question paper.

*frozen stiff* *mind blank*

Merry-go-round & cotton candy!
With big lollies and cute plushies!
Ferris Wheels & Fireworks!!


More like.

Complete...Ok. I shall not go with darkness. Too yami.
I shall go with.

Complete whiteness?

I just went blank ok.
Did my best.
Got out.
Eyes red.
Hands stiff.
Back aching.

Me raining.


I really did my best. Can't do anything about it now.
I think I'm gonna fail.

Someone kill me now.

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