Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emo crap

My ass so nice and warm now. Lalala~

Crap. I feel like shitting. *sob* It's not cause by the electric blankie. I felt like shitting ever since. Earlier on. I can't shit yet. Cause my housemate using the toilet. *sob*

Oh oh. Look! I was the 8888th person to be on me blog. Hahahaha. I was just scrolling down and I was like o.O! So I should be um. You know. Ya.

Ya. I print screened it. Lolx. I was bored la ok. I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should I tell or should I not. I don't know. HELP!!!


So stress. I use to love stress. But this stress. Is too stressful for me to handle. Help. *sob*

I really need some cheering up. Waaaaaaaaah. *sniff* *sniff*

No one online. Ok. Actually there's like 40 of me friends are online. But half of them is online but is either away or busy. The other half. I don't really talk much de. The other half. Talk too much till bored de. The other half. I don't talk at all. Cause. Seriously.

Tell you secret. ssssssshhhhhhhhh**

*half of them I forgot who are they de* >__<"

So. Um. Mmmhmm. Ya. >.<

Feel like sleeping de. My bed so nice and warm. Aih.

But it's only 9pm. Tooo early de! Even though I've been sleeping early de. But this is still waaaay too early. Aih. *sob*

Someone gimme emo songs or something emo to watch. I feel like crying. >.<


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