Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Job!

Hey all! Guess what? I has a new job! I'm working with Yeen actually. Gyahahahaha. I mean, in the same company la. It's an advertising agency. And I'm an Accounts Exec. Basically handling clients and things like that. Not doing accounting shit all la.

For now I'm loving work because for one. I don't have to wake up sooooo early like last time. But sometimes I need to stay back till late. The latest I stayed was till 8pm. But I don't mind cause its super jam around that time anyway.

Working in Kelana Jaya by the way. So yes. The LDP. Is horrendous after work hours.

The best part of working here is having Yeen here. haha. At least a friend!

So far so good. I mean. Nothing to complain about. YET. Haha.

Ok. Back to work~

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