Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I wantz Korean BBQz!!!

I'm craving for Korean BBQ! Even though we just had it on Sunday. We went all the way to KL. JW Marriott Hotel for korean bbq. Not my idea. It was Stan's. But it was still awesome! The bill was awesome too. Lolx. Going for Korean Bbq again later! I don't know why I'm having this craving. And my mum cooked. But aih. And I want to take pictures. But I don't have a cam and my Samsung phone, the screen is like totally cracked man. Damnit.

Lend my phone to my sis and she go and destroy it. At least if I had my phone then I can still take pictures with it ya know. Nvm. I;m going to go fix it and she's gonna pay for it. But Stan said to fix it is gonna cost about 500 bucks. I might as well ask her gimme the money and then I go buy a new camera. And I'll fix the phone later on. And how is Kelly gonna get all that money. From my dad of cause! Hahahaha. Nice plan. But I need to go and see how much does it really cost to fix it.

I'M SO DAMN LAZY TO DO MY CV!!!!!!! Lalalalala~


Will put up pictures if my camera is still working fine and if I transfer it here. Yup. Uh huh. Alright~ See ya~

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