Monday, December 14, 2009


So now my samsung phone is with Raymond. And I hope he will ask for me how much to fix and stuff. Hopefully it's not expensive. Then I can take pictures properly! I can't upload any pictures now too. Since the phone is with Raymond and the memory card is with him too. So no pictures! Sob*

I want to borrow Amelyn's camera since she is not using hers. But the thing is she doesn't even know where she put hers. Dumb ass. Like where my psp is. I don't know too. hahahahha!

I'm trying to teach Kendrick how to dance properly. Hahahahahahaha! But the fella don't listen wan! He will entertain you for awhile. And then he go run somewhere else de. Ish.

Stan is teaching Josiah how to make egg sandwich. Hahaha. I think they were smashing the egg with the mayonnaise. Ya. And now Kendrick is with me. Sitting in his funny car/bicycle thingy. ANd mummy is writing a Christmas card to someone. ANd you know those card got that stupid song in it when you open the card. So now it keeps playing and playing. So damn annoying. I know Christmas is coming. But that song is so shrilly. Hahhaa.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! I can't wait to open me presents!!! Especially the present from me Bf. Hopefully he gives me something that I've been wanting!!! Haha. K. See ya~

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