Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Panda

Look look! I found Hello Panda biscuits!!!!! Yay! Erm. Actually. As you can see. Bugger. There's no chocolate ones. Sob. There's only strawberry and the other milk one. *sob*

Why so sad wan. Damn pissing off lo. Was so happy when I found it. Was trying to look for ze chocolates ones. Can't find. So...

Guys. You gotta get it for me ya! >.<>.<

Miss you guys lo. Everytime when I look at the time. Ok. They must be training now. And I feel like going to blitz to kacau you guys. *sob*

Really really miss you guys.

So. Send me a jacket ya? Lolx.

Love ya'll! *mwah*

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