Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grumble Grumble

Omg. I damn lazy to change the blog font colour. Now it looks so bright. I don't like bright! But black also like damn hard to read. omg omg omg. DAmn lazy la. I already stayed up all night trying to make it nicer. then my shoutbox also like dont know what only. sob.


I like my don't care attitude. I mean. Sometimes I care la. I mean. Hmmm. I dont make any sense.

About people. Judging and all that. I shall not care anymore?

Whatever la. Forget that.

Anyway. Lets see. I do have more pictures to upload. But I is lazy to go to my room and get the cable thingy and all that crap. *sob* Cause I'm in quite a confortable position. But but.

SO next time only ya?

What do you all think of the blogskin? PLain right? Ya i know. But that's what makes it nice! >.<

I wanna personalised my own one. But I'm too lazy. Too too lazy. >.<

I'm so freaking bored. I think I'm gonna be stuck on this couch. My stupid internet connection should be here since yesterday. But they are not blardy here yet. You know how irritating that is!!! It's so irritating cause i have to carry my laptop and my mouse and my hdd and my water and my biscuits and my phone and the cable to transfer stuff and my other "stuff" and my lunch and my dinner and my jacket when i wanna go out and ..ya..and my er...Myself?

Damn mafan you know. Its so mafan. You can cry!!! *sob* Then everynight after I'm done. I have to carry all that shit back to my room. Not like my room is like damn far or anything. its just er. ok. Lemme take picture. Aish. Now I have to go take picture also. Then have to get the cable thingy.

Wow. I do love to complain. Not complain. Whine? Ya. Maybe that. Lolx.

Sigh. So freaking bored. OK. Maybe I shall do that then.


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