Monday, October 27, 2008

I wan Sushi~

I really really really wanna blog everything that happened in London. But there's just tooooo many things to blog about. Seriously. Pictures are in Facebook. Don't believe what you see in some of the pictures. But the bartender is hawt. So yes.

I'll post a bit of pictures which I took with my phone so ya. But all in all. I spent £100!!!!

Mummy. Please don't kill me. So ya. I'm not gonna eat for the rest of the week. Only maggie mee. You'll see by the end of the week. I'm partially bald. Hey. Semi bald like the rest of the old men here. Lolx.

I had sushi!!!!! Thats the most important thing to highlight.

It's like the highlight of me weekend. SUSHI!!!!

I feel like going back to London. Just for sushi. Damn. I think I'll do it every month. Michelle. It's fine right? Lolx. We go have sushi together! I WANZ SUSHI!!!!! K. I'll save £100 just for sushi.
Damn. If I actually save £100 for sushi. Imagine if I convert. It's RM600. Shit!
Maybe I'll save that money. So I can go have sushi everyday when I get back! Yes la! Lolx.
I think I should google and see if there's any sushi place around here. Hopefully it's nearby. Then. Yumz!!!

Shit. Craving for sushi. Damnit.

Which reminds me of something. Sushi. I remember how Jac always say shooshee instead of SU-shi. Lolx. I think she STILL says that. Hehe.

Love you Jac! Lolx

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