Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Day

Amelyn. Why has you not see me blog yet. You is supposed to see the picture. So I shall not take it down till you see it.
And Ming. Can you....omg. I forgot what I wanted to scold you about. Nevermind. Anyway. Thanks for saying me songs are nice. I mean. In my blog. I mean. My playlist. Ya. But should give credit to Zhang. Cause he's the one who intro'd me all those songs. So ya.

>.< Omg. Today was like a super boring day lo. I really really wanted to study. Seriously! Its cause of stupid laundry, cleaning my room and cook ze maggie mee. Bugger. How to study de. Felt tired and lazy de. Then the whole time I was doing......actually. I don't remember what the heck I did today. I guess it was so bloody boring that I don't even remember. Bah!

Was so bored. I asked Melinda if she wanted to go to the pub down the road. Ya. It's the same row as my house. How convienent eh? A pub just a few houses away~ It's like from Blitz to Choy Kee only. Oh I took a picture of it before. Lemme go look see. Found it!

But just drank whiskey and coke. It was about 2.60 or something. DOn't remember. So long no drink whiskey de. Melinda ordered a pint. It was 2.80. Didn't wanna drink beer. Drank beer de other night. Kept burping and going to the toilet to pee. Argh. Everyone was staring at us. ONe is cause we is asians and two we looks likes small kids. But the lady didnt ask for out id. So ya. Lolx.

When we went off. The guy bartender asked us to get back in and order more drinks! Lolx. He was like saying. Eh. It's a good pub. Get back in and order more. Lolx.

After drinking. We went back to pee. Well, it was so nearby. We didn't know what to do. And then end up. We actually walked all the way to the town centre and near uni and we were like. Eh. At town de. Lawl. So we turned back. And walked all the way back. I actually wanted to go into one more of the pub. But left my id back at home. SO ya.

Whole way. Emo talk. Not really emo. Since for me. There's nothing to emo about. I only emo cause of boredom. Lolx. Had a really long talk outside the house. Lucky today not that cold.


Sometimes I guess I don't really get it. I care for you all so much. But I get dissapointed and just can't believe you guys actually think that way.

But oh well. I can't really do anything. Like Amelyn said. In her blog. And from Ming's reply. I shall just do that. Amelyn. You should too, you know. I'm just not gonna bother too~


Love you all. I still do care for you guys loads despite all that. >.<

Missing you all.


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