Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Am in Uni again. As usual. Trying to finish up my work. Gonna go to treehouse again later at 7pm. Gonna watch a movie. But don't know what movie they gonna play yet. So ya. But oh well. Better than nothing to do! *sob* tomorrow class at 9am. Have to wake up super early. argh. Oh well. Here's some random pictures. So to not bore you with my ramblings.
It was a full moon last week. It was like super bright! Seriously! Damn nice!!!

Oh. Hehe. Some random shot. I just thought it was like cool. Cause it's sorta a shape of the letter 'A'. It was outside me house. Nice ya? Lolx.

Oh ya. The beagle that finally dugged through to our garden. Mei Ting was trying to get her to come to her. Lolx. Damn cute.

Ya well. Mei Ting gave up. So Zaphira came closer. She's super cute.

Oh. And really naughty too. Look at all those sand all over. Melinda was so pissed off with her. Hahaha. Cause this is like her "area".

Lolx. I was washing the dishes while all this was going on. Then she came up to me. Lolx. Damn cute.
This was the view from my room. Melinda chased her back to her hole. Cause she made a mess in the garden. Haha. There's Melinda sweeping. Lolx.

Me and Elaine first attempt for dinner yesterday! Not bad eh. Lolx. Usually Melinda and Mei Ting do the cooking. But since they went out with the Germany peeps. So me and Elaine tried cooking ourself. And both of us don't cook at all! Lolx. Still boleh makan la. Lolx.

Oh oh. See this small way to go through. I only can open this much to get in to on and off the heater. Cause my table is blocking it. Remember. My room freaking small. And that's the boiler. In my room.

See! I not that fat ok! I can go through. Though it hurts my really flat chest and ass. >.<

Was bored and played around a lil. Lolx. Its the mirror at our lounge area.

So ya. That's it for today. Oh ya. I just wanna complain a lil that's been getting on my nerves lately. Argh.

You know how the guys back in Malaysia. How they "get" the girls "attention". All those "chiut chut chit" sounds. Or "amoi". Or "leng lui". Or some crap like that. You know how it is here.

"Ni hao"



Like. Wtf?!?!?! I'm so pissed off wei. Everytime you're just randomly walking somewhere. And some random idiot will come and "Ni hao" in your bloody ear!!!!! I was just walking to uni just now. And a taxi. A BLOODY TAXI. They go "Ni hao". I wanna ni hao they're fucking asses!!!! Everywhere I go. "Ni hao". Just because I'm freaking chinese. You have to go say Ni hao to me. I do understand wtf is Hi. Or hey. I mean. I am here. To freaking STUDY here!!!! *swt*

Ok. Thats it. It's just bloody irritating. And I hate it when they look at you. And talk to you as if you don't fucking understand english. Gawd. I'm blogging here in english too!! Shits.

Ok. Ya. Hungry de. Gonna follow my friend go shopping. Ta~

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