Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Bloody Fun Day!

First time "clubbing" in UK. Disappointment to the max. I say Maison better. Lolx!

Lolx. Mei Ting kena kacau by some black. He came and talk to us and intro his friends. Whites la. One of them quite cute. Not only that. Haha. They thought that Melinda was Mei Ting's boyfriend. They asked Melinda. Are you her boyfriend. Then Melinda was like. Ya. Lolx. And then they hugged each other. Lolx. They asked for our numbers. So we gave fake ones.
Then the white guy. The quite cute one. Talked to Mei Ting and he was like. You gave him the wrong number right? Mei Ting just smiled. Lolx.

ANd you know what. We thought wont see them again. SHouldn't have thought that. We went in to class today. He was coming out of class. Then he hold Mei Ting's hand. Whahahaha. Shytz la.

*sob* Today so the tiring. Had class at 9am!!!! Woke up at 8. Rush to bathe and makanz. And hurried off to class. It was me and Elaine who had 9o'clock class. Not same class though. And as usual. The forgetful me. I forgot which was my class. I wrote down H007. Then I remembered. I checked. It was a different class. At H407a. Then. Was thinking about it. Ok. Maybe it's not. I'll go to the library. Use the computer. And check. So. I went off the main building. They are in different buildings ok! Then when I got there. I forgot to bring my student id. Can't get in. BUGGER!!!

So. When back to my building. Sweating. And tried for the level 4 one. So ok. I went all the way up. I walked ok! Bloody stairs. But then I heard someone said that they were going to that class. And it was a different subject. I was like shytz. Ok nevermind. Maybe it was the b class. So. OK. When in and ask.

*sob* It wasn't my class. Bugger! Then that lecturer kindly told me to go to the reception and ask. I thought. Oh ya hor. -.-
But then I went to the wrong reception. The stupid fella just gave me a room. Went there. It was a lecturer's office. -.-
So. Frustrated. Called Melinda to help me look online. After I sent the message. I saw a signboard which says the Business Reception. Hey! It must be this one. *slaps forehead* *push door* I'm in. Asked the girl at the counter. Got my room. Ran to my room. And guess what.


I can just kill myself right there and then. Hurriedly send a message to Melinda that I found my class. Went into class. And I had the shock of me life. Okla. Not that big of a shock la. But still shocked.

My lecturer was the old guy I sat next to when playing poker. *anime frozen and crumble into pieces* I think he recognised me.

He was like
"Amanda right?"
"You are in the right room right?"
Er. Yes?
*if he knows my name then why the heck if he asked if I was in the right room or not. Bugger.* "And you're late"
Er. Yes. I'm really sorry?
*obviously I'm late. It's half past 9 de!*
"Sorry. Hmm. Sorry is just not enough. Anyway. Please take a seat here" with bloody humour in his eyes.
*and omg. Its the freaking front seat which I hate. Cause I can't concentrate. Weird I know. Thats me.*

And then. I just stared at him. I was like. I think its him. Its definitely him. I remember the way he talked. Cause he was really nice to me. And the hair. Half balding wan.

"Ah Amanda. Can you please read the first sentence"
*read what freaking sentence*
"Oh. You don't have it then. Here you go"
*bugger. of course la. I just came in!!!!!!*

I read the freaking first sentence. And then he asked me to read the objectives. And then later on he asked me if I knew what don't remember what de. Some word. He asked if I knew what that meant. And I said No.

"Wow. I like that. Such an honest and straight forward answer"

Gawd! I want the class to end. Bugger. Damn fucking embarrasing. And then I realised I was the only chinese student there. It was really weird. Cause all business classes. There's fucking loads of China students.

So then. The class went on with him picking on me. *sob* I think he remembers me from poker night.

And then in the end. We had to do group work.

He was like. "I reccomend you to please pick your group with different culture background. And I would say to take Amanda. She's an exceptionally bright student!"

*blood rushes up to me ears* Bloody embarrasing sial!!!!

Should I go poker next tuesday?

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