Friday, October 5, 2007

I realize I always blog around this hour. Supposed to be sleeping now. So can wake up early and do my assignment. Argh. Freaking irritating assignment.
Wanted to blog about what happened in Maison. I'll just summarize it.

Liz-drank 3 shots-drunk-sat on floor-puked-Stevens-home.

Great summary huh! Hehe. And oh. Stupid Wei Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!! You damn babi lo! Why am I calling him stupid all. Well, I asked Mei to sms him to help us reserve a table for us. And he did. Which I like to thank you for. But...he put the table under the name of...PANDA!!!!! MCH. He was even thinking of putting either chili padi *his nickname for me..cause I get* or emosa!!!! Argh! You know how freaking embarrassing was it!!! I had to keep saying ..oh it's under the Like damn a lot of times lo!!! And when in the club..I had to repeat sooooo damn a lot of time cause can't hear. Ish! Then when I said my name was Amanda. They just look at me and start giggling. McH. Freaking embarrassing wei!!!!!! I'm gonna kill you when I see you!!!!!!!

Ya, for the first time. I think. Ya. I drove, and had to stop one side to let Liz puke. Normally, I'm the one asking them to stop aside and puke. A nice change actually. Hehe.

Oh well. Got ta sleep now.


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