Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chelsey! Chelsey!

I is so wanting to post the pictures. But is so lazy. So So So lazy. Aish. Anyway, here it is.

It's sleeping in the cage now. Tired out. Whole day all of us has been playing with it. Non-stop. No rest for it. And it's just a baby! 5 weeks old only! Cute sia~! So so so so cute.

Anyway, here goes the boring post. Woke up at 3:30pm. Got woken up by Yee Hui. She called me..told me that she was coming over..or she sent a message. Something like that. Don't know la. Was too tired to actually bother. Came and woke me up. Told her to wake me up in another 15 minutes. The next thing I know. I woke up at 5:30. Stupid Hui. Never wake me up. So couldn't have lunch. Babi!
Went straight to work. Then got a call from my boss. Asked me to cancel all her classes for tonight. So I did. Then receive another call. Asked me to cancel for tomorrow too. Cause her father just passed away. I was like. Omfg. When she said that. I wanted to say sorry. But before I can say anything. She just ramble on before I can say anything. Then she put down the phone de. Aish.
So ya. Then receive another call again. This time she asked me to pass her phone charger to her house. I was like. Ok. She gave me the directions. So ok. She stays in sek16. Blardy babi. Damn nice loh the houses there. Freaking big. Aish. And the cars! *slurps* *drool* *slurps* *sigh
So, after work, fetched aaron from oug. Near nathan's. Then went to sek 16. Got lost for awhile. Cause couldn't understand the directions. Got to her house and pass her the charger. *drool* the car.
Got home and had dinner. Went out for yumcha with Yee Hui, Wai Ming, Wai Hong, Rishven, Yew Jin, Raymond and Amelyn. Yew Jin is freaking funny. Never a yumcha session you'll be bored when he's there. Lolx.
After yumcha, they went to play snooker. Didn't want to go there. So went to look for Yeen in ss2. Called her. She said she was going home de. Backside. So went to cg watch adrian "utada" play. Kevin was there. And also Jingz and Chen. Stayed there till they finish. Had nothing to do at home or elsewhere. So just stayed and watch. After they finish de. Went yumcha with them at Murni's. Really don't like the place.
Came home. Played with the puppy. Haha. I suggested to name it Chelsey. Haha. But all of them didn't want. In the end..the name is going to be Chelsey. But now have to choose the spelling for it. I said that spelling. But now the other choices are Chelsea, Chelsy and Chelsie. Also Chelsey. The wining vote is the stupid Chelsie. But haven't decided yet. Cause still a lot of people haven't voted yet. Keep singing the Chelsea song. Haha.
Vote for my Chelsey! Hehe. Tell me. Which one better?

Alright. Time to sleep. And ya. I always blog at this time. Aish. Sleeping time all gone de.


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