Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another "Bored" post

Where is Liz..where's my neoooooooo!!!!! I waited so long de. All alone here. Bored like fuck. I realized I'm always feeling bored. Hmm..why is it?? Is it because I'm a boring person then I can easily bore myself too?!?!?! Then what about..what other people think of me?!?! They get bored too?!?!!?! Nooooooooo! Is it? Someone tell me? Am I a boring person? Do I bore you that easily? I guess I do? Is that why no one reads my blog? Wait..there are people who reads right? Anyway, I don't think I want loads of people reading my blog. Ya. But wait...
Am I boring? I'm not right? I all miss me..and can't wait to hang out with me. So, that shows I'm not right? Am I right? I'm just freaking making myself feel better. What to do..I'm so damn bored now. That I'm talking so much crap.
See!! Again! It's because I'm feeling bored! Do I really make myself bored? I bore myself that easy? Aish. Here we go again..and it comes back to the same thing again. Cause I'm bored. I think like 50% or more, that I blog about being bored. So that shows..I'm really a boring person? Nooooooooo! Can't be.
*I'm making up stupid conclusions*

I just remembered something. What I wanted to write in here. About my dear stupid messy neo. One thing I don't exactly like Liz is because of her messiness. I don't know. She dresses messily. I don't know..the whole thing about her...the first thing I see..she's such a mess. Not that I'm very tidy or anything. But, anyway, not that I don't like. I just see her as a mess. But then, she has this collage of pictures in her to her laptop. She has all kinds of pictures, school life, her baby pics, her family, work, her boyfriend. The way she puts it altogether. It's so messy. But a nice mess. I guess, her messiness is good for one thing. Her creativity. This collage thing is like some freaking art or something.

Ok..I'm crapping again. I wish I have my cam with me now. So that I can snap one. And to why I don't have my cam. I left it in zhang's jacket. Ya, It's in Adelaide now. And my whole family is going to freaking kill me...diededness...

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