Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trouble eating out..

I'm alone in Singapore now. But I don't feel so lonely when I'm at Perth. Oh, maybe because I'm just waiting for that idiot to finish uni. Not sure if I should go out and have lunch...alone..alone..ALONE! I never really ate out alone before. I mean...sometimes I do eat out alone...but very the seldom. And now...I don't feel like eating alone. So..I don't know. Can someone come eat with me. Feel damn hungry.
Another thing why I don't want to go eat alone is because..I can't order! I mean..I'm a banana. Ok! So, how am I suppose to order?!?!?!?!??! Ok...maybe I can just *point *point to what I want. Sad la! But when they tell me how much is it. o.O huh? I'll be so freaking blur!!!!
Sad..ya i know. Actually, I think..pathetic kua. Hehe..How How? I can't even go out to eat. This proves I can't live in Singapore..or maybe I just can't live here alone. Hehe. I only can live in places where they speak English. Ya. I won't feel so lost then. I think I'll just stick to living in Malaysia la. All my beloved food are there. And some more my car. Hehe.
*Note..not because of my family and friends. Hehe. Definitely cause of my family and friends too. Aish. I actually want to get back now. I want my nasi lemak!!!!!! My baby!! Hehe..
I guess I shall just go out by myself now. My tummy is growling like anything. *Shut up zhang* Hehe.
See yaz..

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