Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ok..I guess I have not been blogging in a while..And ya. Some idiot took my jacket!!!!!!!!! Sad..SAd.
I'm at zhang's uni now which will be my future uni if I'm going that is. Quite nice la. Hehe. Aish. Damn sien. Sitting here waiting for him to finish class.
Feeling hungry too. In the cafeteria. Watching people eat. Gosh. Hungry de. One more hour to go. Feel so long. Why is there no one online! When I come online. No one is on. When I dont. Everyone is on. So pissing off. Ish. I only have 3 more days here! More like 2 actually.
sadness. *sigh

Not exactly looking forward to go back actually. Although I was when I was in Sydney.
I bought more clothes! Haha. I wanna buy more. So the tempting. But running out of money fast. Aish.

Another hour..*sigh

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