Monday, March 19, 2012

1, 2 Update~

Been so out of me blog world. Gah! What can I say. I don't have much to blog about. Or I'm just toooo lazy to blog like every single thing. Or more like super busy with work.
Ya. Think its the last one. Lol~

Yes. Work. Sigh. So much to do. A lot of things has been going at work. Which I can't blog about. Meet me and I will spill everything out. ><

Just went for a short holiday to Penang! With Chucky (Raymond Pui), Wayne, JoEl, Susu (Meng Soon), & Zach. Super fun! All we did was eat, sleep and um. Play? Haha! Lame. Yes. I know. But that's what we really did~

I would so love to upload some pictures. But. Gosh. I'm so freaking lazy. Going to try out this Google+ thing. But it's still signing in on my iphone. See if it works. Then I can easily upload my pictures straight from phone to here! Super easy then~
But for now. It is slowly uploading all the photos from my phone on to Google+. Weeee.
So I shall update the next time around.

See ya'll~

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