Friday, March 21, 2008


Oooh. Neeed to go peeeeeee. Ok. Fast update.

Kimmy just got into an accident. Poor wira of mine. Anyway. Damn bad till had to tow it. Sadness. My dad damn pissd off about it. My mum was like "advising" me to not take the car out or my dad will murder us if anything happen to the crv. Luckily we don't have to pay for the damage. It was the other party's fault. So ya.

Next. Um. Went out yum cha with Kevin. Soooooooooo long no see him de. The last time saw him was at my party. Ya. Ya. Mmmmmm.

Played mahjong today at Julia's house. Lost. But Yeen spend us. The after mahjong session of yum char~ So. Ya. i no money now. Have to go diving in couches now. Hehe.

Peeeeeee! Oh ya. Which reminds me. haha. Kevin said. "Why do you always have to announce to the whole world that you need to pee?" I don't know. I just need to pee. So. Ya.

Go ~ it has been updated. ladida~

Need to diet. I ish fat. I stayed home most of today. >.< dota =" Evil.">.<

Ok ok. Need to pee~ Bwai bwais~

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