Thursday, March 6, 2008

Long post of Two months

This will be the post of what happened for the last two months. There are like other stuff too. Just that I'm too lazy to remember and stuff. Enjoy~

No idea what date. . .

@ Poppy. Kena raid for the first time in me life! His too. Lolx. Fuzzy's piss was all over Zhang's IC. Freaking funny.

22nd January 2008 - My Birthday~

Stupid fella. Don't know where the heck is he looking at~

As usual. Puking at the drain. *sigh*

My birthday present from him. The pendant. The chain from erm . . . correct me if I'm wrong, from Julia, Mei, Mei Yee, Yee Hui, Wai Ming and Wai Hong.

Just like this picture >.<

5th February 2008 - Zhang's Birthday

@ Luna Bar. Celebrate with Joanne too. She wanted an early celebration cause she'll be in Adelaide~ Earlier on celebrated Zhang's birthday with his family. Had buffet dinner at . . . omg. I forgotten what is the hotel's name.

14th February 2007 - Valentines Day

@Rakuzen. Had a er. . . quadruple date? Lolx. Ate quite a lot?

Guys (L to R) - Zhang, Raymond, Wai Ming, Wai Hong.
Girls (L to R) - Me, Amelyn, Yee Hui, Julia

A clearer picture

My Valentines gift! Cute ya. No idea what to name it yet. It look so dodo. Anyway, his name is Cupido~ My gift to him is the shirt he wore for Valentines Day.

No idea what date~

It was one of Julia's famous drinking sessions. He didn't drink. Just didn't sleep de whole day. I just find it funny.

He used the curtain as his mosquito net.

1st March 2008

Went ta eat at this Korean place at Taman Desa. Super yummy. But we ordered too much~ Just one of our makan sprees~

2nd of March 2008

@ Sakae Sushi. With Ric and Kellie

3rd March 2008

In my car. ( I drive a Honda CRV)

On the way to Yee Hui's house

Don't know what was going on behind there.

Purpose for this night was to go Petaling Street. Eat Hokkien mee~

*Yee Hui's picture will be included later~ Watch out for the edit*

4th March 2008 - Le Meridien Hotel

White Chocolate!

Chocolate~ yumz! Had a lot of these!

Zhang's creation?

Eating chocolate marshie-mellow

Zhang's having the chocolate brownie with white chocolate~ Oh. That girl is his sister Xuan.

*blur* but still like it

One of the movie outings~

One of the times I get to look a lil bit taller?
Picture blur cause of Yee Hui~



Ok. Emo time~ Hehe. It's not much but. Oh well. Here goes.
I'm happy for all the times we shared. Lolx. Sorry to take up all your time. Didn't mean to. Or maybe not? Hehe. It made you and me sort of irritated with each other. But these two months with you, are one of the best and happy moments of my life. I wish it was longer. But we'll see in future? Hehe. I'm gonna miss watching anime with you. I'm gonna miss you of all the late snooker/tar kei/mamak sessions. Just the two of us. I'm gonna miss all your rubbish/random shit of yours. And also your lame idiotic babiness shit of yours. Teaching me how to play arch mage. All those chimney sessions at your balcony. Hehe. Anyway.
For two whole months, I've been trying to tell you something, which I didn't or couldn't actually find the right moment to tell you. I actually wanted to tell you at the airport. But oh well. You know. Ok fine. What I wanted to say was. . .

I love you

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