Monday, March 24, 2008


Was supposed to do my assignment. But then. Something made me super no mood to do it. So, I did some other rubbish. Which I now truly deeply regret. In a way. I didn't dota! If that's what you were thinking. Hehe. omg. As usual. It's fucking late. And I'm not in my nice comfy bed. And tomorrow or later. I gotta fetch my sisters here and there. Thanks to my sister who I love oh so much. I don't think my car is worth anything now. Haha. I'm talking about the wira!

I was super happy earlier on. But. Like I said. Something made me no mood de. Aish. I really wanted to blog about something. But. As usual. I don't remember.

I wanna go do manicure. Black~

I wanna change my blogskin.
I wanna customize my own blogskin.
I wanna kill ric. Don't know. Just feel like it.
I wanna go sleep now.
I want a laptop.
I wanna watch anime and read manga.
I wanna stop *youknowwhat*
I wanna eat nasi lemak.
I wanna drink soya bean!
I wanna finish my damned assignments.
I wanna go aussie de.

I wanna be with him.

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