Friday, July 20, 2007


At Pei Wen's place now. Freaking cold man. When get in the car. I start to sweat. Damn irritating. Have to take off and on my jacket.
Arrived yesterday. Had to wait for Pei Wen to get me. Stupid girl take so long. I had to wait out in the cold for like damn long. I did go in..but scared if i get in she dont know where the heck i am.
After she picked me up we went to have kebab. Was damn hungry la. We took like damn long to get there cause she took wrong turning then she forgotten how to go. The kebab place is like one small stall. Damn cute.
I was like talking non-stop in the car cause for the past 2 days, after leaving Singapore..I had no one to talk to. So was like damn happy at last there's someone to talk to. HEhe.
Now we're waiting for Pei Wen's friend Ash, to finish work. Around 10 something, gonna go club! HEhe. In a way can't wait. But damn lazy to go club. =p
I feel like sleeping now. Stupid Chris came back. So damn noisy walk here and there. Couldn't get back to sleep. Slept late cause stupid pw wanna play mahjong. Zhang keeps winning. Dumb ass. So slept late. Chris came back around 8/9 something in the morning, then woke me up. Backside. So freaking noisy. Oh wait. I already complained about that.
Still so long more to go then can get out again. I want nasi lemak wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This craving is so freaking bad man. Trying not to think about other food back in kl. Or not the craving's will get worse. Bah! Hopefully get to eat nasi lemak one of these days. Or I'll die man.
Kla..I'll put up pictures tomorrow or something. Didn't take any pictures today. Or when i was in Perth too.

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