Friday, July 27, 2007

Sydney - 3rd Day

I had my nasi lemak!!!!!! At last! After so long....all those days of waiting for my nasi lemak. And I had it today! So very the happy! My uncle came to wake me up. Wanted to sleep some more but then my uncle told me we were gonna have nasi lemak and it closes early. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Haha. That showed how desperate I am for nasi lemak. Don't care. Once I get back. We go eat nasi lemak! Loads and loads of nasi lemak. And nasi kandar at kayu. And also duck rice. and also BKT!!!! And also...omg..I want to eat sooo many things! *Sob
After eating..walked around Darling Harbour. Then drove to chinatown to this place called Market city. There were so many shops. I just stared and I wanted to turn around cause i felt sooooo lazy to walk around and buy stuff. Then I thought of all of you back in kl. Waiting for my pressies. Then I just motivated myself back in. Haha. But in the end. I bought tops for myself! Whahahaha. Ya, I'm mean. K la..I might give it to you all. But I mean, you all only 2% wert. Hehe.

Now..I'm waiting for my cousin to get back from her uni. Then I think I'm having dinner out or here. Then we're going clubbing! I think I've been like drinking almost everyday. Die la. When I get back to kl. Don't make me go club ok. Or drink. OK? Hahaha.. *As if*
My aunty keeps giving me fruits to eat! Then my cousin giving me potato chips. Omg. I have so many things to eat. I'm having strawberries and kiwi now. And my uncle just gave me oranges. *sigh..I'm gonna get fat.

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