Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sydney - 4th & 5th day

Sooooooo lazy to post. SO anyway..I'll just cram it all into one. I'll upload the pictures tomorrow when I'm at adelaide. OK..the 4th day..Went to the Zoo. Ya k. Whatever la you all! Comment on the pictures all. Everytime I take a photo. I can actually imagine all the comments man! All the comments that I was gonna get from all of you! Blardy backsides! Expecially when I went to the chimpanzees place. I was already thinking..Confirm they'll say that's me la and someone and this and that. SHeesh.
Ya anyway. I watched the seal show and the free flight bird show. I can't believe how trained they are! Well, I sorta had fun. Hmm..actually I did. In a way. But it was soooo depressing to see the animals all caged up. And they actually look so sad. They look like they are just waiting to die. Like prisoners. Seriously. So freaking depressing. Sad. There were some of them actually like posed cause they know you're taking a picture of them. Freaking animals. Hehe.
After the zoo..went to pick my older cousin stephanie from the airport. She went ta New Zealand for a holiday. Ya.
Came home. Rest a lil. Then went for dinner at this club or something. So ya. Freaking big portion man! I think I'm really gonna be fat man. I'm sooooo gonna stop eating so much when I get back! Oh no...I can't. I want to eat all those food i miss so much. Anyway, after dinner. We went to pick Stephanie's boyfriend Ian. She said he looks like a 16 year old. Haha. He does! And he's 24 actually. Lolx. Funny.
Came back to change. Then went bar hopping! Alicia didn't follow cause she had an assignment to hand in this monday. Which is tomorrow. She has to sew a dress. And she havent started yet. She's like just cutting the material now. Watching her doing it now. HEhe. Ya. Anyway.
I had fun with Steph and her friends. Drank so many drinks. I don't remember de. We went to like...I think 5 different bars? Ya. She wanted to take me to more bars along the road and stuff. But there weren't time and everyone was really tired. Plus she just got back from NZ.
Went to this place called Harry's. Frekaing delicious hot dogs! HEhe. Yea. I feel so fat..anyway. Yea.
This morning, went to the fish market. Omg wei. Damn freaking lot of people buying stuff. So the pack. Wah! Wanna find place to seat and eat also so the susah. In the end, found a nice spot next to the sea and stuff. So ya. The weather was nice too. The salmon was so freaking awesome man! *Slurp* Wanna have more of that. HEhe.
After makan, went to the casino. I couldn't get in cause I didn't bring my passport. So, we just took some pictures outside the casino. Then later went to get ice-cream! Too lazy to actually say how good is it. BUt ya. I'm getting fat. Crap. But I can still fit in my jeans! Hehe.
Now, I'm back here. I have been online for like 2 hours plus. Was suppose to rest. But...don't know. I guess i shall? Ya..k

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