Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sydney - 1st Day

The last day in Melbourne we went to the victoria market. Bought some stuff there then didn't want to walk around too much or I would have overspent buying for people. SO far, I only bought 2 tops for myself. Hehe.

After walking went to have breakfast. She was telling us how freaking delicious the hot dog is. Pointing it out to us when we see people eating it. But instead she brought us somewhere else to eat. Dumb ass! Make me wanna eat it and stuff then she bring us somewhere else. Stupid pig. Hehe

We were late to the airport!!!!!!! Haha. Ming called Pei Wen and told her she was coming. I wanted to say bye to her and stuff but i was freaking late. I got into the cab. The cab was moving when I saw stupid ming walking so slow. Haha but the cab like went off de so didnt get to hug her and stuff. Stupid Ming...walk so slow.

Zhang's flight was at 12pm. Mine was at 1215pm. I missed my flight but Zhang didn't. Lazy to explain! Hehe. So ya..I missed it but he didn't. Stupid..

Anyway, arrived in Sydney around 3pm. My uncle and my cousin, alicia picked me up. Me and my cousin chatted the whole time. When we reached their place..continued chatting till dinner time. They brought me to this place called Lone Star for steak and stuff. It was ok. Forgotten to take pictures. But whatever. After dinner, alicia's friend picked us up. Went to a salsa club! The atmosphere was so fun and free like! Hehe. I watched Alicia danced. She's really good for like a sorta beginner. Haha. And two guys asked me to dance. I was dont know how to. Haha.

I felt sort of bad for like saying no. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO! Got home around 12am. Freaking early for me!! If I was back in KL..I'll still be out! *sobs But anyway..I was feeling tired.

Slept around 2 something. Woke up at 9am!!!! Felt soooo tired. Had breakfast. Then left for Blue Mountains. It was like a 2 hour drive. I fell asleep the whole way there and back. Haha. Obviously I woke up when we got there. Had lunch there. The portion all are so freaking big! I feel so fat now. I think I am. Look at my face! Fatness!!! HEhe. Yea well..we took pictures. There was the rock called 3 Sisters. I asked why then my uncle told me a story about it. I'm too lazy to tell it. But anyway..the 3 Sisters rock thingy can be me, amelyn and kimmy. There was another smaller rock next to that will be Kelly. Hahaha. I know..I'm lame.

Then my uncle asked if I want to walk to the rock. I was like..ok..nothing to it. Walking there was fine despite the freaking steps were so f**king steep!!!!! Took more pictures. Then when we got was soooooooooo f**king tiring wei! Walking up the steps can die man! I felt so weak! Hahaha. But felt like I don't have to go to the gym for a month after that workout. Lolx.

Went to the Sydney Olympic Park..or something like that. Took pictures. I slept the whole way back again. Felt really tired. Got back. And here I am. Typing this out. Waiting for Alicia to get home from her classes. She'll be home by around 10 something. Another 3 hours. I think I'll watch some dvds. She has like a whole collection of dance movies thingy like you got served and stuff like that. Gonna go to Pancake House or something like that. Ya, when she gets back. I'm gonna be fat man!

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