Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sydney - 2nd Day

Omg..i feel so lazy to blog...ok..I'm just gonna summarise everything!

The night of my first day,
- opera house
- darling harbour
- and somewhere else i forgotten the name
- went to have Mcd's cause hungry at usual.

The second day in Sydney my uncle and aunty took me to

- 3 different beaches which I totally forgotten the names of the beaches..I only remembered one which is Bondi Beach. There were people swimming and surfing.

- Went to a mall which I forgotten the name too. Haha. Then my uncle took us to his friends shop and we had free sushi! It was delicious. They gave us so much for just 3 of us. Couldn't finish it. Shopped a lil. I only bought one thing out of the big mall. HAha. ya.

- Met up with alicia in the city to have dinner with her and her friends Ervan and Michael. Before meeting the guys up..I shopped some more. This time i bought a lot of tees. Gosh. Hopefully there's space in my bag. Went to this place called Seabay for dinner. Nothing yummy about that place only for the dumplings.

- After dinner, went to alicia's salsa class. One, because I felt a lil uncomfortable to be with alicia's friends without her. Second, wanna see the guy she fancies who is actually her partner too. Don't like his nose though. And he's just so full of himself. Don't know la.

- Stayed there for 2 hours. Was reading a book. So not so bored. After that, went to a salsa club. I wish I knew how to dance salsa. It looks so fun.

- After the club went to this place called pancake house. Was a sad thing I didnt take any pictures. Such a waste. The pancakes were good even though I do not like pancakes. Those were good!

That was my day.

Pictures :

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