Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just arrived in Singapore. Oh..Lizzie fell in the bus. The guy was pushing his chair down..then liz was crossing behind him to get to her seat. She hit his chair and fell. Hahahahaha. Can't believe she's so dumb..as usual..nothing new.

I got stopped at the customs there. Because my dear mother of mine put a freaking bottle of red wine. Had to pay for tax. Luckily she gave me money. Or if it was mine. I would have killed her!!! Hehehe.

We going to eat Katong Laksa!!!!!! Freaking Hungry man. And there's something wrong with liz laptop. There's like lines on her screen. And her room is freaking hot..I can die! Just bath and already starting to sweat.

My stupid bag so f**king heavy~!!!!!! My neck was getting better..but now it's getting worse! Pain!!! Waiting for Liz to change now. So damn freaking long wei she change. I don't know how many tops she dug out of her closet and threw back in. Oh my gosh! I thought she settled with that spaghetti strap now she just took it off and putting on a tube? Ya, a tube. Now she's looking into ze mirror. Don't know what she's putting on. Oh my gosh! I'm gonna starve and die here reporting. Haha. K she's done!

Katong Laksa here we come!

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