Sunday, July 22, 2007

My time in Melbourne

On Friday, we went to Boxhill for lunch/dinner. Woke up late cause of the stupid Mahjong. Yea well, Pei Wen brought us to this Bubble Tea pearl drink thingy place to have our dinner. Love the drink! After that, came home, slept a lil more. Then got ready for clubbing.
We got there a lil late. It was me, zhang, wen, chee yaw, chris and 2 of pei wen's friend, Ashley and Imelda. We all had to cramp into one car. It was crazy. Me and ash had to like get down if we pass any police.
Met Adeline outside the club. Hehe ya. It wasn't that pack. I guess it was kinda early. Had tequila shots. Then zhang got me another shot, which was bacardi 151. Oh my gosh. It sucks so bad! But after that shot i was kinda tipsy. Had to get out for some fresh air. Haha.
Had like more drinks after that. I didn't puke after the whole thing! But wen was tipsy after her bacardi 151. Damn funny.
Went to Hungry Jacks bought some food. Then went back ta eat. Didn't had a good night rest. Kept waking up. Cause of Chris again. He came out to get some water. Woke up at 9 something in the morning. Zhang woke up too cause of him. So I sorta forced Zhang to go for breakfast. Took damn long to get him to go. In the end we left at 11 something. We walked around looking for a place to eat.
After our breakfast, he went back ta sleep, and I went out with wen, chee yaw, ashley, imelda and her boyrfriend kk and ming came after that. Went ta eat at this place called Soda Rock. Damn cool place! It's like something out of Grease. Freaking cool. Had burgers and milkshakes.
We walked around a bit..I wasn't in the mood for shopping. Ya.
Came back, played mahjong some more. I slept a bit. Went for dinner at this place. Had char kuey teow. I know..go aussie and i eat that. Lolx.
Went to the casino after dinner! *Omg..I feel so freaking lazy to type everything out!* We chilled at this place called Greco. Had this super delicious mars cheesecake..omg..thinking about it makes me want to have it right now. We ate while waited for the fireshow to start. It was really hot which was good of cuz! cause it was so damn cold!!!!!!!
Went in to gamble...well, I lost at first then itchy fingers i took out money then i started winning! Haha. But not much. So ya. Gonna buy stuff with that!

This afternoon, went to the beach. It was chee yaw's first time at the beach. We ate at this place called Soul Mama, some vegetarian restaurant. It was good but i shouldn't have gotten like a lot of gravy stuff. Got so gelified with it. After food went to take pictures at the beach. Chee Yaw was acting like some professional photographer. We were like at this rocky place kinda a small cliff kinda thing..he was taking pictures of pw and ash. He was moving back, back, back and almost fell into the water! Freaking funny. So into taking pictures he almost fell in. Lolx. Wanted to stay a lil longer but it was really cold and the wind was so damn strong.

Came home for dinner, Zhang went out to have dinner with his friend. Pei Wen cooked her quiche, ash did mushroom soup and chee yaw made tuna pasta. All so freaking good! We chilled awhile. Waited for Zhang to get back. Then we went to the strip club. Haha. It was me, zhang, pw, cy and imelda. You'll think that the guys would want a dance. But me, pw and imelda shared a dance with this really hot girl from Brazil. Omg! She's damn hot lo. OK..won't wanna say too much. Ask me when you see me k. Hehe.

Well, now..just uploading pictures, it's taking forever to upload the pics into facebook. Pei Wen is sleeping now, she has uni tomorrow and it's my last day tomorrow. Sad. Ok, when i have the time I'll upload it here..if not just go to facebook.


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