Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bored sial

Being along is sooooooooo not good. You're like in a trap! You think about stuff and stuff. Then you get emo. Haha. Ya. I emo-ing. Been awhile since I emo. Not gonna emo till cry all la k. Hehe. But ya. The songs aint helping either. Omg la. I need to go out. But I don't know how to. And where to.. Later I get lost..worse! Now I know why Ming can actually blog so many times a day. It's so freaking boring man~!
Now I'm actually thinking twice if I wanna come here ta study. Lolx. Hey..I'm supposed to be emo-ing. Oh ya. K..*being emo*

The first day I got to adelaide..you know what i had ta do? I cleaned Zhang's room up! *sob* I have to stay here for the next 1 or 2 weeks. I'm still not done with it yet. Cause I'm too lazy too. hehe. Argh..just looking around the room also I damn lazy to do anything. But at least he don't have too many "house" rules like Pei Wen~!!!!
We can't drop hair in the house...Luckily she didnt give us wear anything on our head so that we don't drop hair. Not our fault if our hair wanna fly right. Have to stick to the wall when we shower. Can't have like one drop of water out of this line or something in her bathroom. How to! The stupid people who did the bathroom made it like that. HAha. What else ah. Oh. Can't have "explosion" in the toilet. I can't help it if i have an "explosion". I mean..if i keep it in. Lagi worse right!!!!!! It'll be a bigger "explosion". What else ah. Can't think of it now.
I pity chee yaw. He forever kena from pei wen only. Haha. But still damn funny la. Hehe.

I think I can just go on and on blogging about nonsense man. I'm so damn bored. Another 1 and a half hour only he finish work. Argh. I need air!!! Hehe. Aish. I'll just stop here before I'll start some rubbish to rant.

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