Sunday, June 1, 2008

Keel me.

There's nothing I can do to change it. All I can do now is just be there for you. I hope at least you will look for me. Lolx.

As usual. I guess nothing seems to want to go my way. Oh well. I can't have everything. All I can do is to make the best out of whatever I have now. And fuck. Fucking emo song. As usual.

I hope the thing you've been searching for. Will come up one day.
It's fucking right in front of ya!

>.< Why am I always hurting myself? I think I actually like the pain. Why can't I just follow the song? "I don't wanna be in love". Yes. That fucking song. You know. I mean. I have to just stop it. But of cause. You can't help it. I have to fucking stop it! Seriously.
Ok. I'm gonna ramble on and on about the same thing. It's so much easier if I just. Just. Er. Oh well. I don't want to say it. >.<

I think I'm like that girl in Drillbit Taylor. Who attracts ****ed up guys. >.<>.<

Hmmm. I was actually doing quite well after that idiot. But then. No. Fuck. Just keel me la.
I feel so stuck.

First, I know what I want. What I'm gonna do. What I'm gonna feel. And all that crap. Like so damn fucking confident. But after awhile. I'll totally crumble. Woohoo~ The feeling is absolutely lovely. Really. I absolutely love it oh so much.

I can't think straight now. I'm so damn fucking tired. Plus. Of all that stupid rubbish in my head. That I can't stop thinking about. So it's gonna go on and on. Whatever comes into my head now. Just typing it all down. So I advice you to not read on? It's pretty rubbish. Whahaha.


Ah! I think I need to go back to church. Which I will be too lazy to get up super early. Fucking no discipline for nuts.

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