Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One More Month

Didn't get to go yesterday to look at cameras. Cause well. Ric told me that Canon will be coming out a new range of cameras next month. So. Ok. I'll just wait. So at least can save some more money and then can buy a better one. But he told me to get like a, er, what is the model de ah. Lemme go search. Ok. So this is one of them. This is within my budget. Sorta. And if I couldn't wait for the new ones. This is good enough for my budget!

PowerShot SX130 IS

If you want to know more about the specs and functions and stuff. You may click here! Wanted to post some sample images to show how good the cam is. But you can just view some here. Ok. Maybe I will upload one la huh.

Really nice right!! There are more pictures of cus. And this took me quite awhile to freaking upload it. The file was quite huge la.
So the next one is above my budget by like RM900! Wth. Just realize there's so much diff! HAHAHA.

PowerShot S90

So you can view the specs and stuff here. And as well as the sample images of this cam. Sigh. Oh yes! Upload one picture for you to see. 

Kimmy would like this picture. So nice right!!!! But this is like friggin 900 bucks more lo.Aih.

Too lazy to read the reviews. But I will. Soon. Enough. But. Should I wait for another month? Hmmm? How?! Aish. I don't know la. So bengang-ing. Lolx. Tell me! What should I do?!

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