Monday, March 7, 2011

Nice Layout?

Weeee! Just changed my blog layout! Nice? Nice?
Nice riiiiight! hahaha. Ok, Now I'm really happy with this. I actually made another blog called  Panda Speaks! you can visit that blog. It's actually filled with SNSD & Taylor Swift. Mostly SNSD. Or actually any other Korean groups. But I heart SNSD. So ya.

Anyway, I wanna write back in this blog cause well. I was actually looking for another post. A post with my watch. Wanted to show Simone how it looks like cause that picture is really clear. But I couldn't find it. But while I was looking through it. I was reading all my old posts and laugh really hard after reading all of that. And thought. It would be such a waste to not continue this AWESOME blog of mine!

There were so many memories in here that I totally don't remember. And after reading it. I just felt. ya. Such a waste. ><

So here I go again. I know you miss me right? Yea, I miss me too.

Will blog more often now. Manda Fighting! Haha.

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