Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Been cooking a lot! Of cus not me. Stan of cus! Haha. You think I so free want to cook ah. Lolx. But I do fry like the veggie. and I wash up most of the time. So I do help out in a way. Lolx.
Oh well. But on Sunday. I made Bak Kut Teh. >< Awesome ok! I think there's still leftovers. And I want to try another packet. This one I tried was just so-so. Haven't found one really tasty one.

I wanted to upload pictures of Daddy's birthday celeb last week. But that backside mother haven't uploaded anything on Facebook yet. -.- Stupid. Mother.

Will upload soon enough!

Oh ya. I wanted to upload pictures of all the cooking and stuff. But am too laaaazy!! Plus I don't have my card reader with me. So. No neeeeeeed~ Haha!

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