Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Day of Gym!

Woke up this morning for Pilates class at Chi Fitness. We bought the voucher for Chi Fitness which costs like RM29 for a month. So obviously gotta make full use of it. Set my alarm to 6am and then snoozed till around 650? Got up, changed, drank some oats thingy that Stan made. Then went to Chi Fitness. But got there sharp at 730. Luckily the instructor wasn't in yet. I was late a bit cause I dropped my socks right outside my house. When we almost reached the car. I suddenly realized I wasn't holding my socks. So had to go back all the way up to freaking get me socks. Aih. 

So yes. The above image was for stretching your spine also you can feel your abs stretch too. Nice! And I'm am soooo not flexible lo. Fuck. Feel so old man. Even one of the guy was even more flexible lo. And can do it so much more better than me. Sad nyer. So yes. Shall go more often! 

Am gonna highlight the schedule for which one am going. So yes. I'll know! Haha. 

Anyway. It was really fun!


More coming soon. . .

Chi Fitness - Body & Mind Room

P.S. I weighed myself. OMG!!!

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